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Threads of Atlantis Costumes for Cosplay and LARP
Threads of Atlantis Costumes for Cosplay and LARP


                                   Welcome to Threads of Atlantis!
Gear and Garb for LARP, Improv Acting, Cosplay, Stage and Historical Re-enactment



Cosplay Creations and LARP FX have joined with Threads of Atlantis!
You will now see more of what I do - including stage costumes, fx, and odd creations.
I am also rebuilding the site for better accessibility and updating my portfolio and store.

Thank you for your patience and
Contact me to place a Custom Order.

Note: Anime & Manga Costumes are now found under this site's "
Costumes" link.

Threads of Atlantis directs you to Iron Liege for your LARP weapon, armor, and gear needs.


MENU Details:

Costumes - Costumes for Stage, Cosplay, and Roleplay
Accessories - Jewelry, Hats, Shoes, Gloves, Other Adornment
Transformings - Appliances, Prosthetics, Makeup, Body FX
Martial Gear - Decorative and Functional Battle and Travel Gear and Garb
Production - Sets, Backdrops, Props, Crafts, Gadgets, Animatronics, Visual FX
Contact - Services ie: Promo Characters, Design Work, Custom Crafts, Inquiries

Costumes for Cosplay, LARP, Historical Re-enactment, Halloween, etc
Costume Accessories Cosplay Jewelry hats shoes etc
Transformings Prosthetics Makeup
Martial Gear Weapons Armor Travel Kits
production sets, props, crafts, animatronics, fx
Costumes and More - Contact Us
Threads of Atlantis - Costumes, Cosplay, LARP, Stage, Historical Re-enactment